Welcome to The Club

At River Yacht Club, our mission is to provide a luxury, private Miami Beach experience for you and your entire party. Whether you visit us with friends, family or your corporate partners, our service will be professional and outstanding!

What it Really Means to be Part of The Club

In Miami Beach, there’s always something to do. But when you are part of something special, you have a reason to visit more than one time. We want this club to be something special. A place where we can come together to wine and dine. This place is called the River Yacht Club and we can’t wait to get started on our new and exciting journey. Miami Beach is a beautiful and fun place to vacation. Now, it’s time to highlight the reasons why it’s such a special venue. We’re back, ready than every before, and flat out thrilled to embark on, what we are calling, the ride of your life.

Welcome to The Club!